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AKS follows new paths

as sales partner

for MyChronic


MyChronic - The system for contact data collection

In times of the Corona epidemic, it is important for companies to protect the health of their employees
and to ensure the continuation of business operations in equal measure.

Your risk: If an infection occurs and its contacts cannot be traced beyond doubt,
there is a threat of widespread plant closures and unjustified isolation or quarantine

This is where MyChronic comes in!

The focus of the system is on your company and ensures that people who have had contact with a person infected with COVID-19 are accurately recorded

Every employee records his contacts independently and self-determined through the so-called “Handshake Web App”

MyChronic thus offers targeted measures and business continuity: data security through SSL encryption – no hidden data tracking!

In case of a COVID-19 case in the company, the collected data can be sent directly and easily to the responsible health authority.

How boutique is that?

AKS, the event communication agency, is fast, flexible, young, powerful and – it is owner-managed. At Agentur Kerstin Steininger, the boss is not only in the company name, but in every detail and always in the frontline. Kerstin, just like everyone else in the team, is always approachable.

Because AKS is a boutique agency by conviction. We don’t want to be a communication department store where you get a bit of everything. Instead we are your specialists for everything to do with events.

Event design, event running and guest management is what we do. And no one does it quite like us.


… events that inspire. And our professional implementation inspires our customers.








And because we are boutique, we are more agile than others. In our heads and in our actions…

The event agency


… was founded in 1991 by Kerstin Steininger and is based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart. AKS started out as an agency for event management in motorsports.

We are real

team players!

For all areas that we do not cover ourselves, we cooperate with a well-established network that we are happy to also expand through new partners.

Decades of loyalty from the most discerning AKS customers speak for themselves – and for us.

Does the DSGVO

still cause you


It doesn’t to us: Our Guest Management Tool makes us a benchmark for competition when it comes to data protection.

Our working method is pragmatic and direct. We always remain open to new ideas. And we give (event) space to them. Because our maxim is:

 Curiosity is the
beginning of everything.