You can expect anything from us.
Except the expected.

In order to keep developing new, whack ideas, you need to have more than just a creative streak …
In this way we create emotional moments for our customers, where time gladly stands still.

And after the big creative throw comes the elaboration. We approach it with obsessive attention to detail. For example, when it comes to scheduling, finding a location or strategic product presentation. Accuracy and diligence – this is also part of our idea of professional experience communication!

The following case study may illustrate this statement:


Mercedes-AMG Motorsport

AKS Event Design 1
AKS Event Design 2

The task

The customer expects not only an entertaining programme for his guests at his gala, but an increase every year: even more unique, even more surprising, even more exciting – but not more expensive!


time consuming honours | fascinating show acts  | innovative catering | Aftershow party

The client

Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing is a customer experience that consists of the development and sale of GT3 and GT4 racing cars, as well as a comprehensive service programme and exclusive events.

At the end of each season, the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing season finale takes place as a final and furious highlight. Here the champions are honoured and the successes of drivers and teams are celebrated.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers this project since 4 years as lead agency and to support the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing 2019 season finale to be staged again in a spectacular setting.

our service

consulting | conception | location finding | coordination and control of the event  |  media presentation | cost controlling