AKS 2.0 EN

We give beautiful things a second chance.

The classic interior style is yesterday’s news. Life is colorful and diverse and that’s how we want to live and dress. The new style is a beautiful mix of old and new, simple and opulent.

Open from 10.11.2021

Wednesday – Friday
11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
10 – 14 o’clock

In the heart of Stuttgart-Sillenbuch,

in true style in a former car workshop, you will now find selected unique pieces.


pop up

second hand


Kirchheimer Strasse 107, 70619 Stuttgart-Sillenbuch.

AKS stands for 30 years of successful event design. Designing rooms and spaces for events, galas and parties with a lot of creativity was our passion. Above all, we have written sustainability on the flag. Work with good materials that have their price, but use them several times. Always in a different look & feel…

The pandemic has hit our industry like hardly any other industry hard and sustainable, so it is now time for something NEW!


We provide you with an exhibition space for a small rental fee.

You determine the price of the products and we sell in your name.

Info by phone at 0172 71 333 1